Can I claim my pets on my tax return?

Unfortunately, most Canadians can't claim their pets as dependants on their income tax return. Having said that, you might be able to claim the cost of owning an animal if you:

  • have a specially trained service animal or
  • are a farmer and you have raised livestock for business purposes or raised outdoor animals to protect your crops 

I own a service animal. What costs can I claim?

You can claim the cost of purchasing a specially trained service animal if you’re:

  • Blind
  • Profoundly deaf
  • Suffering from a severe and prolonged physical impairment that restricts the use of your arms or legs
  • Affected by autism or epilepsy or
  • Affected by severe diabetes (for expenses incurred after 2013)

In addition to the cost of the animal, you can claim travel expenses (within reason) to go to a school or similar institution that provides training for handling a service animal.

I’m a farmer. What costs can I claim?

As a farmer, you can claim the cost of your livestock and associated expenses such as feed, veterinary fees, medicines, breeding fees, insurance premiums paid to insure livestock, etc. Click this link for more information on expenses you can claim as a farmer.

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