Can I use H&R Block’s 2017 income tax software to do my 2016 taxes?

Unfortunately, H&R Block’s 2017 tax software can only be used to complete your 2017 return. That’s because there are many tax-related changes that occur from one year to the next; changes to things like tax brackets, threshold levels, as well as refundable and non-refundable amounts. Given these changes, if you were to use tax software that was developed for a previous tax year, your return would be inaccurate and you might not get everything you’re entitled to. 

Is the 2016 tax software still available?

Yes -  our 2016 tax software is still available if you need it. You can access it here.

Note: The CRA and Revenu Québec have discontinued the NETFILE service for 2016 returns. You can use our H&R Block 2016 tax software to prepare your return but you won’t be able to file your return online with NETFILE; instead, you will need to print and mail the return to the CRA (and Revenu Québec, if applicable).

What about earlier years?

If you need to complete a return for 2015 or earlier, you can visit an H&R Block retail office and one of our Tax Experts will be happy to help prepare and file your return for you.


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