Error code 144

You will see the following error message in H&R Block’s tax software if you are filing a return separate from your spouse or common-law partner and you entered an amount for his/her provincial disability amount that exceeds the provincial maximum on the Amounts from [spouse]’s 2017 return page:

Your spouse’s or common-law partner’s disability amount can’t be more than ${1}. Please correct the amount you entered. [error code: 144]


How do I fix this?

You must correctly enter your spouse’s or common-law partner’s disability amount into the Disability amount field of the Amounts from [spouse]’s 2017 return page. You can locate this amount on your partner’s provincial Form 428.

Note: The Amounts from [spouse]’s 2017 return page can be found on the PREPARE tab under the OTHER icon. To see the field for the Disability amount, you must answer Yes to the following questions:

  • Is [spouse] suffering from a prolonged physical or mental infirmity?
  • Is there a Disability Tax Credit Certificate on file with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)?