Your federal and Québec tax slips

Your tax slips and receipts are prepared and issued by an employer, payer, or administrator to report information such as amounts paid to you, any income tax deducted, amounts that are eligible for a tax credit or deduction, amounts you’ve paid a service provider, amounts that need to be repaid, and more.

As a resident of Québec, you’ll not only receive a federal information slip but also a corresponding Québec relevé slip; both of which need to be entered into H&R Block’s 2017 tax software when filing your tax return.

Federal information slips and their corresponding Québec relevé slips

Federal information slip

Corresponding Québec relevé slip

What does it report?


Relevé 1 (RL-1), Relevé 22 (RL-22)

Salary, wages, tips, and other amounts paid to an employee


Relevé 6 (RL-6)

Employment insurance and parental benefits, taxable and non-taxable tuition assistance, provincial parental insurance benefits


Relevé 25 (RL-25)

Dividends and capital gains (or losses) allocated to a beneficiary of a profit-sharing plan


Relevé 2 (RL-2)

RRSP income


Relevé 2 (RL-2)

Amounts paid from a Registered retirement income fund (RRIF)


Relevé 1 (RL-1), Relevé 2 (RL-2)

  • Pension and annuity income, retirement income, lump-sum payments, self-employed commissions, and fee for other services
  • The RL-2 also reports amounts paid during a year to the surviving spouse and recipient of the property after the death of the annuitant, contributions a retired employee paid to private health services, and the amount paid to an annuitant of an RRSP under the HBP/LLP



Old age security amounts



Canada Pension Plan benefit amount, retirement and post-retirement benefits, survivor benefit, disability benefit, death benefit, and child benefit



Amounts paid from a retirement compensation arrangement (RCA)


Relevé 16 (RL-16)

Trust income allocations and designations


Relevé 3 (RL-3)

Investment income


Relevé 14 (RL-14)

Tax shelter information


Relevé 10 (RL-10)

  • Issued by registered labour-sponsored venture capital corporations for class A shares you might have acquired or bought.
  • The RL-10 reports class A shares in the Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ) and class A or class B shares in Fondaction, le Fonds de développement de la Confédération des syndicats nationaux pour la coopération et l'emploi.


Relevé 5 (RL-5)

Amounts paid to recipients of the worker’s compensation benefits, indemnities, and social assistance


Relevé 18 (RL-18)

Securities transactions


Relevé 15 (RL-15)

Income from a partnership



Contract payments made to subcontractors for construction services



Pension adjustment reversal (PAR)


Relevé 11 (RL-11)

Information related to flow-through shares


Relevé 27 (RL-27

Contract payments issued by the government


Relevé 8 (RL-8)

  • Amount eligible for the tuition tax credit.
  • The RL-8 also reports the amount that parents can claim if their child chooses not to claim the tax credit.



Universal child care benefit amount



Working income tax benefit (WITB) payments


Relevé 7 (RL-7)

Information related to investments in a Cooperative Investment Plan (CIP) or a Stock Savings Plan II (SSP II)


Relevé 13 (RL-13)

Interest and bonuses received by the security owner or seller (Ownership certificate)


Relevé 19 (RL-19)

Advance payments of the tax credit for childcare expenses, the tax credit for home-support services for seniors and the work premium or the adapted work premium


Relevé 21 (RL-21)

Farm support payments issued by the government


Relevé 22 (RL-22)

Information related to an individual's coverage under a personal insurance plan


Relevé 23 (RL-23)

Amount of the tax credit for volunteer respite services that are allocated by the caregiver to the volunteer

Official receipt issued by the childcare provider

Relevé 24 (RL-24)

Childcare expenses


Relevé 26 (RL-26)

Issued by the Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins corporation for amounts received for issue of shares and the amounts paid for the redemption or purchase by agreement of shares


Relevé 29 (RL-29)

Amounts paid to persons responsible for a family-type resource or an intermediate resource


Relevé 30 (RL-30)

Information related to children who received subsidized educational childcare. This information is used to calculate the additional contribution for subsidized educational childcare that parents might be required to pay when filing their tax return


Relevé 31 (RL-31)

Information about a leased dwelling as of the end of the year. This is used by tenants and subtenants to claim the Solidarity tax credit

I was expecting a specific information slip and/or relevé slip but I didn’t receive it. What should I do?

If you haven’t received an information slip and/or relevé slip and you were expecting one, you can:

  • Contact your financial institution directly to receive a duplicate
  • Contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at 1-800-959-8281 and/or Revenu Québec at 1 (800) 267-6299 or
  • Download a copy of the slip by logging into the CRA’s My Account service and/or My Account on Revenu Québec’s website