Relevé 13: Ownership certificate (RL-13)

Your Relevé 13 (RL-13) slip reports interest and bonus amounts you received before you sold or redeemed a security such as a savings bond. Canadian residents living outside of Québec might also receive a T3, T5, or T5013 slip showing the interest and other investment income received in the year.

Note: You need to report all your interest and investment income, even if you didn’t receive an information slip for it.

Where do I claim this?

  1. On the QUICK ENTRY tab, click the QUICK SLIP icon. You will find yourself here:


  2. Type relevé 13 or RL-13 in the search field then click the highlighted selection or press Enter to continue.

  3. When you arrive at the RL-13 page, enter your information into the tax software.