Carry-back of a loss (TP-1012.A-V)

If you sustained a loss in 2017 and want to carry it back to one or more of the past three years, you can do so on form TP-1012.A-V: Carry-back of a loss.  If you had a net-capital loss this year, you can also carry the loss back and apply it to a past capital gain using this form.

Note: If you carry back a loss, any late-filing penalties that you owe for the year to which you’re carrying back the loss won’t be reduced. However, a refund from the carry-back can be applied to any debt you owe the government.

You can also use the TP-1012.A-V to carry back:

  • A net loss resulting from a loss on precious property, reducing how much you gained by selling it
  • A non-capital loss from a restricted farm loss, which can be applied against your restricted farming income
  • A non-capital loss from other types of businesses, which can be applied to any type of income that you had
  • A loss related to fishing or farming, which can be applied to any type of income that you had

Where do I claim this?

Follow these steps in H&R Block’s 2017 tax software: 

Before you begin, ensure that you told us that you lived in Québec on December 31, 2017.

  1. Under the PREPARE tab, click the OTHER icon. You will find yourself here:


  2. Under the OTHER DEDUCTIONS section, select the checkbox labelled Carry-back of a loss (TP-1012.A-V), and click Continue.

  3. When you arrive at the page for the Carry-back of a loss, enter your information in the software.