What is the Quick Slip feature and how does it work?

The Quick Slip Entry feature in H&R Block’s tax software allows you to enter the information from your federal slips (like your T4), Québec relevé slips (like your RL-31), RRSP or PRPP contributions, repayments to the homebuyers’ plan and lifelong learning plan, and your unused amounts from previous years all in one convenient location.

The way it works is simple:

  1. On the QUICK SLIP page, type the name of your slip or receipt into the search field.

Note: You can also search for your slips by entering related keywords. For example, you can type "job", "salary", or "wages" into the search field if you'd like to enter the information from your T4 and/or your RL-1.

  1. Select the desired item with your mouse or press Enter to continue.
  2. You’ll be directed to the appropriate page within the software to enter your information.


Note: The Quick Slip feature can only be used to enter the information from the slips and receipts you received from your employerthe governmentyour bank, or another organization. Anything else, like credits, deductions, and expenses (things like the public transit creditdisability supports deduction, and medical expenses) can all be entered in the PREPARE section of the software. 

Can I use the QUICK SLIP page to claim credits and expenses on behalf of a dependant?

No. For the credits and expenses that you’re claiming on behalf of a dependant, click the name of the dependant located on the left-hand navigation panel. Once there, you can select the situations that applied to your dependant in 2017 and claim the relevant credit and deduction amounts.

What if I accidentally enter the same information twice?

Removing duplicated information from your return is easy. The QUICK SLIP page lists all the slips and receipts you entered. All you have to do is find the duplicated slip or receipt and click the Delete link located next to it: