Employment expenses, credits or deductions related to your job, and employment income that's not shown on a slip

You should select this option on the IN THIS SECTION icon under the PREPARE tab, if in 2017: 

  • You were employed and want to claim employment expenses that weren’t paid back to you by your employer
  • You received employment income (tips, gratuities, or royalties) that wasn’t reported on an information slip (such as a T4 or an RL-1)*
  • You want to claim federal and provincial credits or deductions that are related to your employment such as the:
    • Clergy residence deduction
    • GST/HST rebate for employees (GST370 or VD-358-V, if you’re a Québec resident) or 
    • British Columbia training tax credit for individuals (T1014)
    • Québec earnings of a person responsible for a family-type or intermediate resource (LM-53-V)

*Note: You must report all of your employment income even if you didn’t receive an information slip. Your employer might not give you a T4 or RL-1 slip for income like tips or gratuities, but it’s your responsibility to keep track of your earnings and report them on your tax return.