Warning: Newcomer income

You'll see the following warning message in H&R Block’s 2017 tax software if, you became a new resident of Canada in 2017 and you entered an amount for any of the following plans, benefits, or income categories: Old age securityCPP or QPP benefitsother pensions or superannuationemployment insuranceprovincial parental insurance plan (PPIP) premiumsrental income, or RRSP income:

If you received any old age security pension, CPP or QPP benefits, other pensions or superannuation, employment insurance (EI), provincial parental insurance plan (PPIP) premiums, any other benefits, rental income, or RRSP income before becoming a resident of Canada, you must only enter these amounts on the Newcomers page. [Warning]

How do I fix this? 

If the amounts you entered relating to the categories listed above were received after you became a Canadian resident, no corrections are required. If, however, any of the amounts you entered were received before you became a Canadian resident, they must only be entered on the Newcomers page in H&R Block’s tax software.

Note: The Newcomers page can be found on the PREPARE tab under the REQUIRED icon.