Error code 498

You will see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2017 tax software if you claimed EI premiums on your self-employment income on the Schedule 13 page but didn’t report any self-employment income for the year on your return :

You completed the Schedule 13 to claim EI premiums on your self-employment income, but you haven’t reported any income from self-employment, a partnership, or a business on your return. If you forgot to include your income, you’ll need to go back to the EMPLOYMENT section and report your self-employment income. If you don’t have any self-employment income to report, you’ll need to delete the Schedule 13 from your return. [error code: 498]

How do I fix this?

To fix this error, return to the EMPLOYMENT section of your return and under BUSINESS AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT INCOME, select the form that’s applicable to your tax situation and report your self-employment income. If you didn’t have any self-employment income in 2017, in the EMPLOYMENT section, deselect the Schedule 13 checkbox to remove it from your return.              

Note: You can find the EMPLOYMENT section under the PREPARE tab.