Error code 208

You will see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2017 tax software if, on the Schedule 13 page, you indicated that you work for a corporation but don’t have access to EI benefits because you control more than 40% of its voting shares, and you entered an amount of EI insurable earnings that was more than the total shown in box 14 of all the T4 slips from this corporation:

The amount of employment insurance (EI) insurable earnings can’t be higher than the total amount of employment income. Make sure you entered the amount from box 14 on all T4 slips correctly. [error code: 208]

How do I fix this?

To fix this error, return to the Schedule 13 page and make sure you entered the total of box 14 of all the T4 slips you received from this corporation correctly.  Remember, box 14 of your T4 slip might include certain amounts that aren’t insurable earnings (such as non-cash benefits, employer RRSP contributions, etc.). Don’t include any of these amounts when calculating your total insurable earnings.

Note: You can find the Schedule 13 page under the EMPLOYMENT icon on the PREPARE tab.