What type of tax returns can I prepare with H&R Block's software?

H&R Block’s tax software can be used for just about any tax situation for any taxpayer living in Canada, including Québec. However, the following tax situations are not currently supported by our software:

  • Multi-jurisdiction returns
  • Bankruptcy returns
  • Non-resident returns
  • Form T1273: Harmonized AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs Information and Statement of Farming Activities for Individuals
  • Returns for deceased persons
  • T2: Corporation income tax returns
  • Returns where a spouse does NOT have a SIN number, if the primary filer is:
    • Preparing a coupled return (in this instance, each person needs a SIN)
    • Splitting pension income with a spouse
    • Living in Québec and the spouse is a resident 

If any of these situations apply to you, please check out our website to find one of our retail locations near you. Our Tax Experts would be happy to help you with your return!