Return Storage Service

If you are using H&R Block’s online tax software, we can store a copy of your return on our secured servers for 7 years once you’ve filed. Since the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recommends that you hang on to your returns and other tax information for no less than 6 years in case you’re audited, we’ll store it for 7 years just to be sure! If you want to retrieve a copy, just call us at 1-800-HR-BLOCK.

How can I purchase Return Storage?

Return Storage is offered as a component of the PROTECTION package in our online software, for $24.99 (for a single return) or $39.99 (for a coupled return). Click here to see what other benefits you get, by upgrading to the PROTECTION package offering.   

You can upgrade to the PROTECTION product by clicking the Upgrade Now link in the left-hand navigation panel: