Error code RQ108

You'll see the following error message on the ERRORS page in H&R Block’s tax software if, you’re reporting employment expenses as a salaried or commissioned employee on the Employment expenses page but you didn’t enter information from the General Employment Conditions (TP-64.3) form you received from your employer:

Since you’re claiming employment expenses as a salaried or commissioned employee, you need to enter information from the General Employment Conditions (TP-64.3) form completed for you by your employer. Let’s go back and enter this information (choose Employer information in the Go To Page… drop-down menu). [error code: RQ108]


How do I fix this?

Enter information from your General employment conditions (TP-64.3-V) form in the Employer information section of the Employment expenses page.

Note: You can find the Employment expenses page on the EMPLOYMENT icon under the PREPARE tab.