What is ReFile?

ReFILE enables filers who have already submitted their returns to adjust and re-file a return to the Canada Revenu Agency, without submitting any paper forms. ReFILE is quick, efficient (no postage or paper required), and simple, and it is now available in H&R Block’s 2017 DIY tax software.

Some of the most common scenarios where you might want to ReFILE your return are:

  • You got a late slip (e.g. RRSP contribution slip) that you did not include in your original return
  • You forgot to include a source of income in your original return
  • You forgot to claim a deduction or credit that you are entitled to

Note: You cannot use ReFILE to make any adjustments to your personal information (changed marital status, changed address, etc.); it can only be used to adjust a filed tax return (e.g. missed reporting income, forgot to include a slip, etc.). 

What tax years can I use the ReFILE service for?

You can only use the ReFILE service in the 2017 tax year software with H&R Block. 

If you need to adjust and re-file a return you did for another tax year, you will need to complete and mail Form T1-ADJ (T1 Adjustment Request) to the CRA. Click HERE to learn more. 

Can I refile my Revenu Québec return?

No. Unfortunately, ReFILE is currently only available for CRA returns. If you need to adjust your Revenu Québec return, you'll need to complete a paper copy of the TP-1.R-V form and mail it to Revenu Québec.

How do I refile my 2017 tax return in the software?

Note: If you used a FREE or BASIC software package and you want to ReFILE, you have to purchase the service before you can begin. The ReFILE service is included in the ASSISTANCE and PROTECTION packages of the software, or it can be purchased separately as a stand-alone feature.

  1. From your dashboard, click EDIT for the return that you want to ReFILE. When you make a change to a slip, form, or field in your return, you will be presented with the confirmation that you are making changes to a return that has already been filed and that you want to use the ReFILE service. You can also review which lines (specifically) were adjusted and view your adjusted PDF files.

  2. Continue making any changes to your return, as required.

  3. When you arrive at the WRAP-UP tab, on the SUMMARY page, you will see how your changes have impacted your return.

  4. Before you submit your ReFILE’d return, you will also have to answer some questions from the CRA about what and why you adjusted your return.

  5. When you’re ready, you can submit your return for ReFILE’ing on the FILE tab.

Where can I learn more?