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Are you filing your return for the first time? At any time in 2017, did you and your spouse or common-law partner separate and then get back together? Can I claim my pets on my tax return? Can I transfer my refund to next year’s instalment account? Can I use H&R Block’s 2017 income tax software to do my 2016 taxes? Can I use my tablet or smartphone to do my taxes? Can I withdraw money from my RRSP under the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) for my spouse? Did you immigrate to Canada and become a resident of the country in 2017? Did your mailing address change this year? Did your marital status change in 2017? Do you have Canadian citizenship? Does this dependant live with you? H&R Block’s tax software lets you choose the product that’s right for you, with no strings attached How can I optimize my return? How do I avoid re-submitting a return that's already been rejected? How do I change a return that's already been assessed? How do I change the native language of my browser? How do I claim my dependant’s unused tuition amounts? How do I clear my cache? How do I clear my H&R Block cookies? How do I complete box 28 on a T4 slip? How do I find my NETFILE confirmation number? How do I know if I need to prepare a T2 or not if I have a business? How do I know if I’m using H&R Block’s most up-to-date software version? How do I login to the 2017 software with my 2016 login? How do I login using my browser’s incognito mode? How do I report amounts received or paid in foreign currency on my return? How do I review the information I downloaded from the CRA/Revenu Québec? How does bankruptcy affect my return? How does the widget that links to the help centre work?